Commercial Access Control Systems in Portland, Oregon

Experience peace of mind for your commercial and business properties at Paramount Security Solutions in Portland, Oregon. PSS offers installation, repair, and preventative care services available 24/7 of Commercial Access Control Systems. Whether you need a secure method to manage access to your premises or systems, we have the solution you’re looking for. With customizable options, we’ll design a tailored solution to perfectly suit your requirements. Contact us today and ensure the security of your business with confidence.


Securing Your Business – Commercial Access Control Solutions

Many businesses have many people, employees, customers, and vendors walking throughout the premises on a daily basis. Most importantly, Factories can have thousands of people walking through the area. Large high traffic areas require commercial access control systems to designate who can access certain areas. This can reduce liability of accidents, theft, and prevention of unauthorized personnel in restricted areas.

Paramount Security Solutions is the top provider for commercial access control systems and security systems in Portland, Oregon. We provide complete security solutions- talk to us about a security assessment to gauge vulnerable areas in your business. Request a free estimate today and get free consultation from our licensed security  expert team.

Keycard Entry Access Control Systems in Portland, OR

Benefits of Commercial  Access control system Installation from Paramount Security Solutions in Portland, Oregon.

With a wide variety of brands and types of  commercial access control systems, it can be daunting to sift through the marketing and hype, and actually choose a good quality system that is going to last. We want you to reach out to our company for a consultation, and we would love to give you our two cents on the topic. Our experienced security installation staff knows their way around the different types of security systems, brands, and advice from past installs, and we want to be a resource that you can trust.

Our Portland, Oregon-based security installation team is here to help you choose the right access control systems, locking mechanisms, and tokens to keep your business safe.

Contact Paramount Security Solutions – The Best Commercial Access Control Provider In Portland, Oregon

Paramount Security Solutions, based in Portland, Oregon, is here to help you through the difficult decision of choosing an access control systems that meets your need to choose the best system for your situation. We have been installing commercial access control systems, security systems, and video surveillance systems for years, and have the expertise to build the right system for your business.

When your Portland based business is searching for security solutions, access control installation, security cameras, security gates, or alarm systems, we urge you to give us a call for a security assessment and consultation. We are proud to serve the businesses of Portland, Oregon for any and all security needs.

Types Of Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems come in different varieties, but there are three main categories: IP Systems, IP-Cloud Systems, and Standalone Systems. These categories of access control systems for entryways come with your choice of electrified hardware locking systems, and tokens (credentials/access cards, card readers, badges).


IP Access Control Systems

IP Access Control systems can run remotely using the existing wifi in your building. These systems are often called smart systems, because they can be integrated with smartphones or pc’s to open when prompted. Normally, IP systems are on the higher end of the spectrum and can cost a bit more than standalone systems because of this new technology.

 Access Control Electrified Hardware & Locking Options

The electrified hardware you choose for your access control system and entryway can be an important decision to make sure your system is full proof. There are several electrified hardware options for an access system that you should be aware of.

Just to name a few, there are interlocking doors, electrified crash bar locking systems, magnetic locks, and electric strikes. The lock you choose depends on your security needs and the security system you choose for that particular entryway. Physical access to an entryway can be customized to fit your needs depending on area and situation.

 IP Cloud Access Control System

These types of security systems are automated and run to an offsite or onsite server to be monitored along with your security cameras. These provide an advantage over the other access control types because you can outsource the monitoring, and it can be automated and updated remotely.

If you are located in the greater Portland, OR area, give us a call to schedule a security assessment on your building.

 Standalone Access Control Systems

Standalone systems require minimal programming and are cheaper options than installing a complete IP system. These are perfect for small businesses with limited budget to provide security for several entryways. You cannot program these systems like you can IP systems and IP Cloud systems, but they do provide significantly more security than your typical door lock.

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Professional Installation

Our accredited technicians create and install tailormade systems using technologies from nationally trusted brands. We ensure your access control systems are highly effective, create ease of communication and security for your property in Oregon and SW Washington.

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Emergency Services & Repair

Breach or failure in access control systems creates huge risk for your people and assets. Our Portland-based team is available to quickly provide timely emergency services, one-time repairs and ongoing management for your access control systems.

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Telephone & Intercom Entry Systems

Telephone and intercom entry systems are primarily used to control access to entry or exit points. We help you select the best products that fit your needs to enable the level of security you need.   We offer full-service install, repair and preventive maintenance for residential and commercial clients in Oregon and SW Washington. We ensure your systems run smoothly and offer ease and safety of communication with guests, clients or employees.

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Keypad and Badge Readers

We understand that business needs for keypads and badge readers vary based on operational scale and budgets. Our Portland OR based team installs and services applications that can be managed by your team, or through our Managed Services solutions.

System Integration

Paramount’s security consultants assess, design and implement integrated security solutions that meet your security goals and budget. We help you optimize the efficiency of your systems and minimize risk and dependency on non-integrated systems.

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Managed Services

We offer dedicated resources trained to manage and service your access control systems. Our team of local accredited experts ensure that your systems are managed 24/7 and offer proactive troubleshooting of software and hardware solutions.

Let’s See What PSS Clients Are Saying About Us

Paramount has gained my respect on multiple levels. Recently they installed a security system throughout our new business. At the time, we had some issues with bringing in the necessary coverage from our local provider and ended up having to switch companies in the middle of setting up. This situation could have proved to be a disaster, but Paramount was on top of it from day one. I was impressed with how they took the initiative to assist me in working with the provider so that things were handled correctly and that we were given the coverage that supported our security needs. During the process, they made sure that all issues were addressed and handled immediately.

Paramount made my job a lot easier and gave me peace of mind by responding promptly, and listening effectively. I observed them time and again going above and beyond to take care of their clients.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Paramount. The quality of work they provide along with the level of Customer Service they deliver is first-rate. Paramount Security Solutions is superb!

Shari L.

Security Cameras and Access Control customer from Forest Grove, OR

Working with Paramount Security was effortless, trouble-free and uncomplicated. They were easy to work with, professional, clean and friendly. The cameras work great and we feel so much more secure in our house now. When we had questions, they were promptly and thoroughly answered! We highly recommend this company!

Amy L.

Security Cameras customer from Lake Oswego, OR

As a real estate broker and property manager, I work with a number of contractors on a daily basis. Paramount Security Solutions have outdone themselves through their efficiency, quality of work and ability to grasp the customer concept and engineer a custom solution to perfection. They are my new favorite low voltage contractor.

Robert D.

Low voltage electrical and data networking customer from Tualatin, OR

Working with Paramount was 5 Star Service from the first phone call! All team members were very professional and ‘gracious’. I’ve felt ’taken care of’ in the most gracious of customer service ways. I’m really pleased to have a trusted gate repair resource I can call and know that I will be okay.

Elizabeth H.

Gate Service and Repair customer from West Linn, OR

Paramount’s concern and service to us here have been impeccable, companies that stick with it and put their customers first are a dying breed as I have seen over the years. It is refreshing to deal with a company that not only takes ownership in resolving a situation but does it with concern for the customer’s budget as well. That truly sets you and your company apart from others. Thank you both very much for going that extra mile to make our business run smoother and taking the best care.

Jerry R.

Security Cameras and Access Control from Portland, OR

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How do I select the right Access Control for Commercial And Business Property

We take pride in guiding our residential, commercial, business and retail clients through the choices of access controls, and support them with the one-stop install, repair, and preventative care services.

What is access control?
Access Control System provides a higher level of security by providing controlled access to your building or home. You can have the ability to know who accessed your property, when and so much more.
Why would I utilize access controls?
Access Control System provides a higher level of security by providing a high level of controlled access to your building or home. Additionally, you will be able to see who accessed your property and when.
What access control options are there?
Your site visit will help determine this, but when choosing, think about where access to the property will be and who needs access. Telephone/intercom and card/key fob systems are commonly used systems. Other Access Control Systems such as Video, Vehicle Detection, Fingerprint readers and other biometric solutions are becoming more reliable and cost-effective. Whatever your security needs are, Paramount Security can provide the right solution to meet your requirements.
How will my automated gate be triggered to open or close?
When vehicles approach, you can choose to have them push a button to be granted access or enter an access code. For gate access control entry systems, the 2 primary options are telephone/intercom and card/key fob systems. For exiting, one convenient option is to have a “vehicle detection loop” installed. By driving onto this loop from the inside the gate will automatically open adding the convenience of a hands-free exit. This loop is commonly referred to as a “Free exit loop” because no buttons are needed to be pushed to exit.