Gate Repair And Planned Maintenance Sevices In Portland, Oregon

Keep your commercial property secure and running smoothly with our specialized gate repair and planned maintenance services! Our team in Portland, Oregon, is here to ensure your gates—whether sliding, swing, or any other type—are in top-notch condition. With our proactive maintenance approach, we catch problems early, saving you from unexpected downtime and costly repairs. Trust us to keep your gates operating seamlessly, providing the security your business needs. Contact us today for reliable gate maintenance solutions tailored to your needs!


Commercial Gate Repair and Planned Maintenance For Portland Businesses

Your business relies on its security gates to prevent trespassing, theft, and vandalism. Vehicle- and access control gates keep people from wandering where they do not belong. They protect your business assets and the people on-premises. With the perimeter secure, you enjoy safety and peace of mind.

But what happens when a security gates fail?

Unauthorized persons can access the property, leaving your business vulnerable. Also, inoperable gates trap workers, customers, and vendors, causing inconvenience and creating safety hazards.

Automatic gate failures can happen for a myriad of reasons:

Weather impacts
Electric outages
Computer network outages
Parts failures
Human error
Break-in attempts
Civil unrest

When your commercial security gates break, you need immediate help. PSS provides 24/7 emergency response. Our technicians are experienced in fixing all major brands and all types of Commercial  Gate Repairs.

 Emergency Gate Repair by Professional Experts 24/7

Paramount Security Solutions immediately dispatches technicians when it receives security gate failure calls. Inoperable gates disrupt business, so we treat these emergencies as the highest priority.

Our repair people have the training and experience needed to tackle all types of problems, including electrical, mechanical, and criminal destruction. They have seen issues ranging from broken pulley systems to gates smashed in Hollywood-esk car chases.

Don’t let your business be interrupted for one minute longer than necessary. Call the security gate installation and security gate repair pros at Paramount Security Solutions, serving the greater Portland area from Northwest Industrial to Swan Island and Lower Albina to Rivergate to the Airport.

Types Of Security Gates We Repair in Portland, OR.

Paramount Security Solutions maintains and repairs the top security gate brands and all types of security gates, Request a free security estimate and get free assessment by our local espcialized and certified team.


Slide Gates

These electric gates slide open and closed.

Overhead Slide Gates

Overhead slide gates open and close with the assistance of an overhead beam.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Natural space savers, they move vertically like railroad crossing gates.

V-Groove Rolling Slide Gates

The slide wheel rolls along a v-groove track.

Swing Gates

These fit small openings.

Cantilever Slide Gates

Cantilever slide gates are ideal for snowy and icy areas because the wheels have no ground contact.

Vertical Lift Gates

When space is limited, vertical lift gates work well.

Tiger-Teeth Gates

Wrong-way drivers never get past tiger teeth.

Barrier Gates

These control traffic flow, such as into and out of parking lots.

Custom Gates

We can provide custom security Gate upgrades and maintenance.
You might be thinking that your current security gates leave your business open to breaches. For example, perhaps wrong-way drivers continue to pose a problem, so your security arsenal needs tiger teeth.

Whatever issues plague your facility, Paramount Security Solutions has the fix. We offer goal-oriented security recommendations. Whatever the problem, we find the solution.

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Quality People & Products

We offer specialized local commercial gate repair solutions across Oregon and SW Washington. Our gate repair technicians arrive ready to diagnose and repair your gate issues with high-quality products that meet your budget and security needs.

Emergency services for gate repair icon

Emergency Services

A malfunctioning gate is a security & safety risk. You can rest easy knowing we’re always just a phone call away. Our IDEA accredited technicians quickly repair the issue and can also guide you about preventive care to minimize downtime.

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Planned Maintenance

Our planned maintenance plans save you time and money. Automated gates perform better and last longer when properly maintained. Using a detailed checklist, our technicians ensure that the efficiency, safety and longevity of your gates.

Paramount Security Solutions: The Leading Gate Repair Company in Portland, Oregon

When security gates become inoperable, you need an immediate response. Paramount Security Solutions’ 24/7 emergency gate repair  team is ready to tackle any security gate repair job. Whether your company uses a cantilever-, vertical-, barrier-, or another type of gate, Paramount Security Solutions has the expertise, tools, and equipment to repair it on the spot.

Even better, we can ensure that your security gates never break in the first place. Paramount Security Solutions’s security gate repair services & maintenance plans ensure your system stands up to the elements and all worn parts and fixed or replaced before they cause a breakdown.

Paramount also integrates your security gate system with other essential safeguards, including security cameras and alarms. Our security professionals are also available on an emergency basis to repair these devices.

At Paramount Security Solutions, your business’s security is paramount. So when you need emergency security gate repair or planned maintenance, rely on Paramount Security Solutions to get the job done.

Portland, Oregon
Vancouver, Washington
Swan Island
Oregon City, Oregon
Northwest Industrial
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Hillsboro, Oregon

Security Gate Repair Experience and Why Maintenance Is So Important

When it comes to security gates, an ounce of maintenance saves a pound of emergency repairs. That’s why Paramount Security Solutions offers security gate repair services in portland,OR and planned maintenance that prevent sudden failures (unless 007 rams his next supercar through your gate). Customers with quarterly PM Service from Paramount, experience peace of mind, less downtime and more cost efficient service versus emergency repairs.

Paramount Security Services offers comprehensive maintenance packages, including the following services:

Inspection of the entire gate system
Replacement of broken parts
Replacement of gate opener, credentials, or tokens
Replacement of outdated parts
Replacement of electronics
Metal component welding
Automatic gate opener repair & service
Gate motor maintenance
Force tests for power gates
Regularly scheduled maintenance visits

Access Control Repair

Not all security gates guard vehicular entrances. Some are access control devices that secure pedways, building entrances, and restricted areas. The malfunction of an access control gate disrupts business and puts employees and property at risk.

Paramount Security Solutions’ emergency response team can reactivate your access control devices 24/7, so your operations can continue with minimal disruptions.

Why Security Gates Maintenance Is So Important

Portland weather spares no machinery. Everything mechanical rusts and corrodes in Portland’s humid, rainy climate with hot summers and seemingly endless winter slop. Security gate parts wear out faster here than in temperate, arid regions, so staying on top of maintenance is doubly important.

When security gates are stuck open, they no longer keep out unwanted guests. When they are stuck closed, people become trapped, creating a risk of fire and liability. Also, malfunctioning gates obstruct first responders.

Paramount has gained my respect on multiple levels. Recently they installed a security system throughout our new business. At the time, we had some issues with bringing in the necessary coverage from our local provider and ended up having to switch companies in the middle of setting up. This situation could have proved to be a disaster, but Paramount was on top of it from day one. I was impressed with how they took the initiative to assist me in working with the provider so that things were handled correctly and that we were given the coverage that supported our security needs. During the process, they made sure that all issues were addressed and handled immediately.

Paramount made my job a lot easier and gave me peace of mind by responding promptly, and listening effectively. I observed them time and again going above and beyond to take care of their clients.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Paramount. The quality of work they provide along with the level of Customer Service they deliver is first-rate. Paramount Security Solutions is superb!

Shari L.

Security Cameras and Access Control customer from Forest Grove, OR

Working with Paramount Security was effortless, trouble-free and uncomplicated. They were easy to work with, professional, clean and friendly. The cameras work great and we feel so much more secure in our house now. When we had questions, they were promptly and thoroughly answered! We highly recommend this company!

Amy L.

Security Cameras customer from Lake Oswego, OR

As a real estate broker and property manager, I work with a number of contractors on a daily basis. Paramount Security Solutions have outdone themselves through their efficiency, quality of work and ability to grasp the customer concept and engineer a custom solution to perfection. They are my new favorite low voltage contractor.

Robert D.

Low voltage electrical and data networking customer from Tualatin, OR

Working with Paramount was 5 Star Service from the first phone call! All team members were very professional and ‘gracious’. I’ve felt ’taken care of’ in the most gracious of customer service ways. I’m really pleased to have a trusted gate repair resource I can call and know that I will be okay.

Elizabeth H.

Gate Service and Repair customer from West Linn, OR

Paramount’s concern and service to us here have been impeccable, companies that stick with it and put their customers first are a dying breed as I have seen over the years. It is refreshing to deal with a company that not only takes ownership in resolving a situation but does it with concern for the customer’s budget as well. That truly sets you and your company apart from others. Thank you both very much for going that extra mile to make our business run smoother and taking the best care.

Jerry R.

Security Cameras and Access Control from Portland, OR

Increasing lifetime value of your security gates

We recognize that a malfunctioning or damaged gate is a security & safety risk. Our specialized technicians have helped home and commercial property owners answer these gate repair questions and services plan and also  educate you on how to properly maintain them whether you are based in Portland,OR and SW washington we are always ready to help you!

Do you only work on gates that you have installed?
No, we will repair and service any automated gate.
Do I really need a preventive care plan?
Yes, components on automated gates undergo wear and tear from the daily use. Without proper maintenance, your gate can become a safety hazard and break down resulting in costly repairs. Our preventive maintenance plans are tailored per the type of system you have and the frequency of use.
Do you offer warranties on your service repairs?
Yes, all of our installations and repairs come with parts and labor warranties specific to the application.
Can my existing gates be automated?
While most non-automated gate types can be fitted with an automated system, there are some factors that determine if it’s possible or not. Those factors include


  • The current condition of your gates, posts or piers
  • The material your gate is made of
    The type of construction
  • Sufficient room for operation
  • The type of hinges and mounting brackets your gate has
    The level of driveway slopes
  • The distance away from roads