Commercial Security Camera Installation Service To Businesses In Portland, Oregon

Ensure the safety of your business premises with our expert commercial security camera installation services in Portland, Oregon. Our skilled team specializes in customizing surveillance solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. From strategic placement to seamless integration, we provide comprehensive installation services to enhance security and peace of mind. Protect your assets and deter potential threats with our professional-grade security camera systems. Contact us today for reliable security solutions for your Portland-based business.

The Benefits of  Commercial Security Camera Installation   from Paramount Security Solutions Portland.

Today’s security cameras offer benefits that keep even the most sophisticated criminals at bay while protecting against other emergencies, such as fires and natural disasters. To get the most from its security system, your business needs to select the critical features that fit within its budget. For this reason, only a customized security plan made specifically for your business can provide the armor-plated resistance you need.

We Install The Right Security Camera  Systems For Your Business

Your business is more than your livelihood. You put your heart and soul into developing a thriving enterprise that has become an important center in the lives of your employees and customers. As a Portland business owner, one of your core responsibilities is ensuring that people feel safe while on-premises and that your critical assets have 24/7 total protection.

The Portland area has seen a rise in crime during the COVID-19 pandemic and along with longer police and fire response times. Though emergencies can strike a commercial property at any time, these recent events show the importance of a robust security system that includes custom-installed security cameras. So, you don’t have to  take chances with safety and security,  request a free security estimate today.

What Paramout’s Expert and Licensed team do after receiving your request ?

Paramount Security Solutions’s experts make careful inspections of our client’s properties to determine the ideal system configuration. Then, they recommend solutions based on the needs of the business. For example, if a property is located in an isolated part of Portland  Northwest Industrial area with little nighttime activity, vandalism proof, day/night security cameras with high visibility are an excellent choice.
On the other hand, suppose if a business in Portland has multiple employee shifts but shrinkage has become an issue, covert and overt indoor security cameras offer prevention and provide evidence that identifies culprits.

Paramount Security Solutions integrates surveillance cameras with other security devices to reinforce every vulnerability.

Paramount Security Solutions Serves All of the Portland OR Region

We lend our security expertise especially for security cameras installation services to the whole Portland area, including these locations:

Vancouver, WA

Northwest Industrial area

Swan Island, and Lower Albina

Oregon City, OR

Rivergate area


Columbia Corridor East

Inner Eastside


Outer Southeast

Beaverton, OR

Gresham, OR

Hillsboro, OR

Vancouver, OR

Paramount Security Solutions use  the whole  catalogue of security equipment from the top brands in the commercial security industry. When considering video surveillance systems in Portland OR, you need expert advice, and that’s what Paramount Security Solutions provides. Once we have found the ideal solutions for your property, we install a unified security system that provides safety, convenience, and affordability.

Contact Paramount Security Solutions to armor-plate your business today.

Types of Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems 

Commercial security camera installation run off of one of three types of technology: IP (internet protocol), IP cloud, and analog. The right choice depends on which features and benefits your company needs especially in portland.



IP security cameras run on your company’s internet. Because they are linked to your server, you gain access to high-level features. For example, IP cameras offer high-resolution images, motion detection, thermal imaging, temperature reading, person counting, and night vision. Many IP security cameras also provide advanced analytics options, such as detection and exclusion windows, object tracking, and response to audio events.



Analog technology has been around longer than IP, but it still secures commercial properties through effective surveillance and special advanced features. These cameras run on closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and record footage to a DVR. In addition, some analog cameras are as small as a pinhole, perfect for covert surveillance.
Are you wondering what type of security camera is best for your business? Then, contact the pros at Paramount Security Solutions for a consultation.


IP Cloud-Based

IP cloud-based cameras can save installation and update expenses. Plus, if your server goes down, your IP cameras remain active. These cameras offer the advanced features of IP cameras, but they run off the cloud rather than your internal server.

Access Control Integrations

Many businesses need to control access to their facility and specific areas within. Camera and access control integrations vastly improve the effectiveness of these checkpoints. For example, a surveillance camera makes it more convenient for authorized persons to enter an area while making unauthorized access due to stolen credentials impossible.

Many other security apparatuses work in tandem with surveillance cameras. For instance, security alarms and surveillance cameras can function as part of a unified system. When a security camera detects movement during the night, for example, it can trigger the alarm. In addition, when an alarm activates, surveillance cameras record the cause.

Security equipment that works with cameras to create a unified system include the following:


    Security Gates


    Access Control Systems


    Alarm Systems

    New Systems and Updating Existing Cameras

    Paramount Security Solutions offers security consultations for new systems and existing system upgrades. Our professionals have a mission: To eliminate all vulnerabilities. Your video surveillance systems should provide professional monitoring for critical areas around your business.

    Professional Service,

    If you have a new building in portland or in oregon, you’re probably wondering how to secure it. Our security pros know where to locate security cameras for maximal effectiveness. They can also lend a trained eye to an existing surveillance system, determine the weak points, and recommend cost-effective solutions.

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    Professional Installation

    A security camera system installation should always be specific to your needs. We take pride in understanding what you want as well as offering quality products to suite. Visual appeal and solid reliability are 2 key features Paramount holds high. 

    security emergency alarm

    Emergency Service & Repair

    Ensuring the peak performance of your security cameras is key to your investment and safety. Armed with the latest knowhow in security systems, our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose and repair a variety of security cameras.

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    Security Consulting & Design

    Customers are often overwhelmed by the variety and complexity of security camera solutions. We consult with the end-goal of helping you make an educated decision that offers long-term security and safety for your family and business.

    Paramount has gained my respect on multiple levels. Recently they installed a security system throughout our new business. At the time, we had some issues with bringing in the necessary coverage from our local provider and ended up having to switch companies in the middle of setting up. This situation could have proved to be a disaster, but Paramount was on top of it from day one. I was impressed with how they took the initiative to assist me in working with the provider so that things were handled correctly and that we were given the coverage that supported our security needs. During the process, they made sure that all issues were addressed and handled immediately.

    Paramount made my job a lot easier and gave me peace of mind by responding promptly, and listening effectively. I observed them time and again going above and beyond to take care of their clients.

    It is my pleasure to highly recommend Paramount. The quality of work they provide along with the level of Customer Service they deliver is first-rate. Paramount Security Solutions is superb!

    Shari L.

    Security Cameras and Access Control customer from Forest Grove, OR

    Working with Paramount Security was effortless, trouble-free and uncomplicated. They were easy to work with, professional, clean and friendly. The cameras work great and we feel so much more secure in our house now. When we had questions, they were promptly and thoroughly answered! We highly recommend this company!

    Amy L.

    Security Cameras customer from Lake Oswego, OR

    As a real estate broker and property manager, I work with a number of contractors on a daily basis. Paramount Security Solutions have outdone themselves through their efficiency, quality of work and ability to grasp the customer concept and engineer a custom solution to perfection. They are my new favorite low voltage contractor.

    Robert D.

    Low voltage electrical and data networking customer from Tualatin, OR

    Working with Paramount was 5 Star Service from the first phone call! All team members were very professional and ‘gracious’. I’ve felt ’taken care of’ in the most gracious of customer service ways. I’m really pleased to have a trusted gate repair resource I can call and know that I will be okay.

    Elizabeth H.

    Gate Service and Repair customer from West Linn, OR

    Paramount’s concern and service to us here have been impeccable, companies that stick with it and put their customers first are a dying breed as I have seen over the years. It is refreshing to deal with a company that not only takes ownership in resolving a situation but does it with concern for the customer’s budget as well. That truly sets you and your company apart from others. Thank you both very much for going that extra mile to make our business run smoother and taking the best care.

    Jerry R.

    Security Cameras and Access Control from Portland, OR

    Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Security Camera Installation 

    Not all cameras are equal. More importantly, not all cameras provide the safety your property. Here are some question you must ask when considering the right solution for your home or business.

    What are the key features to consider when buying a security camera?

    Features to consider include indoor, outdoor, night vision, resolution, pan, tilt,and zoom capabilities.Besides these features, you’ll also want to think about the style or aesthetic features of the camera.

    Do you store my security footage?

    The security footage is stored locally on the DVR (Digital/Network Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) securly at your facility. It is available for you 24/7 either on site or remotely

    How much video and/or recording time can I get?

    We will discuss your needs to determine the amount of storage space needed. Number of cameras, camera resolution are some of the factors to be considered. You will also be able to download any video for permanent archiving.

    Can I view my security cameras remotely?

    Yes! All of our security camera recorders come with the ability to view your system on and off site. When connected to the internet, the free built-in web server and smart phone app will allow you 24/7 connection for live and recorded playback, you’re never disconnected.