Looking for the best gate access control systems? Well, Paramount Security Solutions in Portland got you covered with our gate access control system that streamline In and out from a gated property. Before giving entrance to a security gate, gate entry systems verify that the credentials are valid.

Having a residential, community, or commercial property is a blessing until you realize the need for security. Securing your property with gates is good, but protecting it with an advanced gate access control system is considered the best. But the question raised, “What is the best gate access control system?” worries not. 

There are mainly several types of gated systems, from RFID readers to intercoms. Let’s take you on a comprehensive guided tour of the best gate access control system for commercial and residential communities.

    Table Of Content

    • Choosing the Best Gate Access Control Systems.
    • What is a Gates Access Control System?
    • Main Components of a  Gate Access Control System.
    • Wired Vs Wireless?
    • How do Gate Acess Control Systems work?
    • Why do you need a Gate Access control system?
    • Types Of Gate Access Control.
    • Factors to consider when choosing a  Gate Access Control System.
    • Conclusion.

    Best Gate Access Control System

    Paramount Security Solutions offers the greatest gate access control system, regardless of where your gate is or what your access requirements are. Paramount Security Solutions has several commercial access control options for managing entry at gates:

    Video Intercom

    A video intercom provides a comprehensive gate access solution for residents and visitors. With an intercom, you can effortlessly unlock your gate from anywhere using a smartphone. Visitors can simply communicate with residents via the intercom system. 

    Our wide-angle 156º camera supports two-way video calls to ensure authorized entry and exit. Its primary function is to accept PIN codes, virtual keys, mobile app entries, delivery passes, Apple Watch, and voice commands. Temperatures ranging from -40°F to 140°F can withstand the IP65 certification.

    Vehicle Reader & Stickers

    Vehicle readers and stickers provide gated vehicle entrances, such as parking lots, garages, and community gateways. It offers access credentials and little labels placed on the windshields of your tenants’ cars.


    Vehicle readers and stickers provide gated vehicle entrances, such as parking lots, garages, and community gateways. It offers access credentials and little labels placed on the windshields of your tenants’ cars.

    Card/Fob Reader

    Car or fob readers are also ideal for pedestrian gates, communal areas, gyms, and pools. They accept both key fobs and key cards without any extensive wiring.

    The best gate access control systems for commercial and residential use are those that offer a complete gate entry system for residents, guests, and property workers. While most access control systems struggle to manage guest access effectively, Paramount Security Solutions gate intercoms make it simple to offer visitors entry to your gated entrance.

    In fact, tenants can remotely open your gate for visitors, saving time with a 24-hour gate attendant or a designated staff member to handle guest entrance requests.

    What Is A Gate Access Control System?

    Gate access control is the process of managing who has access to and from a gated property. A gate access control system is an electronic security device that determines who has access to a restricted area. It manages and regulates who can enter a property through the use of automated gates with the best custom gate operators, locks, and other access control equipment. 

    Managing entry at your gate necessitates the use of a reliable gate access control system. You can get access control system installation in Portland, a gated entry system at any entrance, whether for pedestrians or vehicles. In reality, there are various types of access control systems specifically developed for gated entrances.

    What Are The Main Components Of A Gate Access Control System?

    A gate access control system consists of three major components used by anyone to enter the property. 

    • Gate opener
    • Electronic or magnetic lock
    • Credentials 

    Wired Vs. Wireless Gate Access Control Systems

    Wired gate best commercial access control systems are more secure and dependable than wireless systems, but wireless systems are easier to install and more versatile. Your property’s security requirements, budget, and long-term objectives determine the correct solution.

    Wired systems use physical connections to ensure high security, whereas wireless systems rely on encryption and security mechanisms to safeguard communication. Wired systems are more reliable and have a longer range, whereas wireless systems are less expensive, more adaptable, and simpler to deploy. However, wireless systems are susceptible to impediments and have a limited range. 

    An electronic locking mechanism, such as an electric strike, lock, or magnet, powers wired systems. Wireless systems use independent networked locks that communicate over Ethernet or a Windows-based PC.

    How Do Gate Access Control Systems Work?

    Gate access control systems use an access reader to check credentials and permit or prohibit entrance to a property. The technology keeps credentials in a database and only unlocks the gate if the credentials supplied match those in the database. 

    Here’s how a gate access control system operates:

    • A user approaches the gate access control reader and presents credentials, such as a key, RFID fob, PIN code, or smartphone credentials.
    • The system checks the credentials and sends them electronically to the management system for verification.
    • If the credentials are accepted, the controller signals the electrical gate entry system to disengage the lock.

    Gate best commercial access control systems can use a variety of technologies to determine who is permitted to enter the premises, including gate intercom systems, vehicle tag readers, card readers, and garage clickers. 

    Your security requirements and the volume of traffic required to enter your property determine the appropriate gate access control system for your needs.

    How Do Gate Openers Work?

    A gate opener, which comprises a motor and an opening mechanism, receives an activation signal from a control unit. The motor then powers the gate opening mechanism, which varies depending on the kind. For example, a sliding gate’s motor rotates a gear, which turns a toothed track attached to the gate’s bottom, allowing it to glide open or close. A swing gate’s motor drives an arm that opens the gate. 

    A controller, touchpad, or motion sensor can trigger a gate opener by sending out an electrical impulse when a vehicle or visitor approaches. When the car has passed through and is no longer in range, the sensor orders the gate to close. 

    You can set gate openers to provide extra protection, like preventing unauthorized access from the outside. You can also equip entryways with CCTV to enhance security.

    How To Install Gate Access Control System?

    Here are the ways to establish a gate access control system:

    • Assess your property and select a system that meets your demands. Consider the surroundings, the user experience, and whether to integrate with other systems, such as CCTV or fire protection.
    • Set up the access control panels, card readers, electronic locks, and biometric devices.
    • Connect the electric lock, access control panel, and reader. A typical configuration consists of a low-voltage wire for the lock, an Ethernet cable for the panel and reader, and a power supply.
    • Connect the door lock to the door reader, and if the system has a reader controller, wire the reader to it or the network.
    • On the specified system, install the access control portland management software.
    • Configure the system.
    • Examine and test the system.
    • Configure your credentials and onboard users.
    • Find a maintenance provider and monitor the system.
    Gate Access Control System Diagram

    Why Do You Need A Gate Access Control System?

    Gate access control systems are electronic security mechanisms that limit who can enter a restricted area, such as a commercial access control facility, a school, or a gated community. They are critical for securing property, its residents, data, and valuables by lowering the danger of illegal infiltration. 

    Here are a few advantages to gate access control systems:

    • The role assists security personnel in monitoring entry points, deterring criminals, and providing access to authorized individuals.
    • The system provides easy access for authorized users and approved visitors.
    • The system maintains a record of each admission and departure.
    • The system has the capability to generate comprehensive reports on who entered and when.
    • Keyless systems can decrease the need for each household member to have keys, which are readily lost or stolen.

    Types Of Gate Access Control Systems

    When selecting a gate access control system in Portland, consider the residents on the property, whether you require a residential or commercial system, and where the gate will be located. These are some examples of residential and commercial door access control systems:

    Gate Intercom Systems

    These systems allow tenants to provide access to themselves and guests. Visitors can communicate with renters using a gate intercom system.

    Telephone Entry Systems

    These devices enable visitors to call residences over a plain old telephone service (POTS) line.

    RFID Gate Access Control Systems

    Access control systems for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) use radio frequency signals to grant access to authorized users. People widely regard them as a dependable and secure method of protecting business and residential premises.


    These are the most basic and typical methods for operating a gate control system. You can either hardwire or wirelessly connect them to your gate operator.

    Vehicle Detection Systems

    These systems aid in access control portland at gated driveways, parking garages, and other vehicle entry points.

    Cell Phone Gate Access Systems

    Cell phone gate access systems, also called cellular gate entry systems, enable users to open gates using their smartphones. These systems typically consist of an automatic gate (you can simply get an automation gate with custom gate builders in Portland services), a wireless gate opening device, and a gate control app.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gate Access Control System

    When selecting a gate access control system, you might consider the following:

    • The gate’s material should be sturdy enough to withstand break-ins.
    • Does the system work with other security systems like CCTV cameras or intrusion alarms?
    • Credentials refer to how authorized individuals will authenticate their identification.
    • The material will affect the level of security, maintenance, and cost.
    • Using two-factor authentication (2FA) instead of basic passwords is a critical step toward increasing network security.
    • Effective data encryption protects the information exchanged between credentials, readers, and control panels.
    • Selecting a reliable and skilled installer will guarantee the correct installation and functionality of your system.

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    Gate access control systems are popular among both residential and commercial properties due to their security and convenience. These gated systems in Portland can help prevent vandalism, theft, and other violent crimes by allowing only authorized personnel to enter a premises. They can also assist with crowd management by controlling admission and exit points. Before selecting any Portland access control system for commercial and residential use, PSS can help you plan better based on your security needs. You can discuss more in detail with our professional licensed experts.

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