Protecting your business in Portland, Oregon, means taking significant steps. With security threats and vandalism on the rise, securing your property or industrial facility is paramount. Security gates in Portland act as a strong first line of defense, deterring potential intruders and safeguarding your treasured stock and system. If you’re adding a security gate on entrance, the opportunities can seem limitless. Choosing the appropriate type of gate is a crucial issue. So, how can you choose which gate is the best investment for your gated property?



  • What Is A Commercial Security Gate?
  • What Is An Electric Security Gate?
  • Top 5 Types Of Recommended Security Gates For Commercial Properties and Businesses.
  • How Does Commercial Security Gates Work?
  • How To Choose The Best Commercial Security Gate?
  • Conclusion




Gate Automation Security Gates

Security gates commercial are the muse for controlling access to residential, commercial, and business, Including High-end properties, Self-storage, Warehouses,⁠and industrial/government buildings, HOA, Multifamily, Wineries. Selecting the perfect security gate necessitates considering a variety of factors, primarily the type of facility and the perceived value of the protected area.

There are many different sorts of security gates in Portland, and they come in quite a few shapes, sizes, and configurations, but every one is cautiously supposed to fulfill the safety needs of the power in which they will be installed. 

Of course, there are monetary expenses to recall, such as putting in, preserving, and upgrading. Before selecting a security gate, it’s crucial to understand the numerous kinds available and how each one functions to ensure a viable, first-rate security solution for your commercial-business-facility and high-end properties.

What Is A Commercial Security Gate?

A commercial security gate is a moveable barrier or access control device that manages and restricts pedestrian and vehicle entrance to a commercial property, such as a warehouse, parking lot, or airport. Because they restrict unwanted access, security gates commercial are an important component of perimeter security and access control for commercial buildings.

When choosing commercial security gate Systems, first consider the type of property you own. As you are aware, traffic flow on an industrial property differs from that on an apartment building. Consider how your property plans to employ a security gate. However, there are certain similarities between all of these qualities. For example, commercial property traffic can be high. Many individuals come and go during the day.

When selecting a security gate for your property, you should consider the volume of traffic and the time of day.

What Is An Electric Security Gate?

Gates that use electricity to open and close are known as electric security gates. Electric gates, often known as automatic security gates in Portland, operate without the need for human intervention. An electric gate system typically includes a barrier gate and an automatic gate operator. Small residential complexes and large commercial institutions like airports can deploy it in a variety of settings.

In the event of a power loss, you can manually open most electric gates. However, each gate is unique, so understand the power alternatives before purchasing.


  • Electric gates typically open and close faster than manual gates.
  • Automated systems do not require manual operation, which saves money.
  • Many electric gates are compatible with various security solutions, such as surveillance cameras and access control systems.


  • Electric gates require more frequent maintenance due to their added technology.
  • An automated gate system has a higher starting cost than a manually operated gate.
  • Many electric gates require continuous access to energy and the internet. As a result, installation may be impossible in certain distant places.



An RFID remote can open some electronic gates, such as garage doors. However, more advanced main gate security systems use proximity sensors, smartphone apps, and cell phones to open the gate.

Types of Security Gates Portland, OR

Top 5 Types Of Security Gates For Commercial Properties

The five main types of recommended security gates in Portland are:


Swing Gates

You can open and close swing gates automatically or manually, and they can swing in either direction. They can be single or double, with the former having one leaf and the latter having two. Electronic, hydraulic, or mechanical systems, known as swing gate operators, can operate swing gates.

Shared spaces such as airport terminals, warehouses, workplaces, and schools commonly utilize these gates. Additionally, they serve as security gates, restricting access from both sides of a barrier. Swing gates are often less expensive than sliding gates, which have more parts and a more sophisticated mechanism for opening and closing. 

You can operate swing gates manually or automatically. Manual swing gates range in length from 2.25 to 4.5 meters and are open to a minimum of 90 degrees. Electronic, hydraulic, or mechanical mechanisms can control automatic swing gates. Swing motors operate by rotating a gear on a drive shaft, which pulls an arm attached to the gate. Piston systems are another popular alternative to swing gates; however, they are slower.  

Slide Gates

Slide gates are flat gates that direct the flow of bulk goods from bins, hoppers, conveyors, or silos. A stiff frame and a slide plate, which move against the material flow to open and close, make up these gates. You can actuate the slide plate manually, hydraulically, pneumatically, or electrically.

Applications for slide gates include the following:

  • The goal is to load trucks uniformly at the intermediate discharge stations.
  • At the discharge, stop the flow of bulk materials into a feeder.
  • The purpose is to manage dry bulk material in dense phase, gravity flow, or dilute phase applications.
  • Slide gates are similar to sluice gates, but on the top edge of the upstream part, there is a slot rather than a hole. They also do not need a lifting mechanism.

Bi-folding Gates

Bi-fold Gates include a double-hinged system that allows each leaf to fold back onto itself, taking up only a fourth of the gate’s width when open. This is more space-efficient than swing or sliding gates. Regions with limited space can utilize bi-fold gates and control them using a variety of methods, such as biometric systems, CCTV and ANPR systems, and traffic light systems.

Vertical Gates

Vertical lift gates are an excellent barrier alternative for commercial applications where there is insufficient space outside the gate opening for a swing or slide gate to retract. Instead of sliding away or swinging sideways, their purpose is to rise.

Here are some types of vertical lift gates.

  • Fixed wheel.
  • Vertical pivot.

Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are narrow openings, generally three to four feet in size, that allow site visitors to enter a property or place with a key. They are generally placed on every side of a house or as an extra right of entry to point within the front of a belonging. Pedestrian gates, a smaller version of a double gate, can help protect assets from unwelcome visitors.

You can operate pedestrain gates manually, semi-automated, or completely automated. Aluminum is a durable, solid material that does not rot like timber or metallic gates.

How Much Does A Commercial Security Gate Cost?

On average, commercial security gates Portland Oregon charge $5,000 to $30,000, depending on the type. Manual gates are much less pricey, costing about $2,500 on average, whereas computerized gates can cost approximately $7,000. The rate may also rise depending on the dimensions, substances, and any other features. Automatic slide/V-track gates, for example, are more expensive, and additional integrations can drive up the cost even further. 

The following are some average costs for various types of security gates Portland Oregon:

  • Manual: $2,500 in common; however, for top-rated materials, it can cost as much as $4,000.
  • Automation costs around $7,000 on average, but can increase if you add an intercom, keypad, or far-flung control.
  • Automatic driveways value an average of three hundred and forty, but can range from $1,525 to $5,135. 
  • Installation fees, which include site preparation, may also increase the price.

Note: It is an estimate based on the type of business we have worked with in the past. Your Business may require more or less coverage. Please use this cost just as a reference, If you need a quote for your business or high-end property security needs. Contact us today.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Security Gate?

When selecting a commercial security gate, you might consider the following:

  • Reliability: The gate should be reliable and simple to operate.
  • Automatic control features such as intercom, keypad access, and remote control are important if the premises have a high volume of traffic.
  • The most durable, low-maintenance, and customizable metal gates are available.
  • Power alternatives include electric gates, which open and close faster than manual gates but require more maintenance and are more expensive.
  • Style: The gate should match the overall appearance of the structure.
  • There are numerous types of security gates Portland Oregon, including swing, vertical raise, slide, vertical pivot, bi-folding, and cantilever. Although cantilever gates are more durable and suitable for all weather conditions, swing gates remain the most popular.

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Gate selection can be challenging for businesses and owners of high-end properties, since they want to ensure that their gates address all aspects of security and protection from threats. As one of the leading companies in the Portland and SW Washington areas, PSS can provide you with complete security gate plans from installation to repair and planned maintenance. Our professional and experienced team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any gate plan needs you may have. We would be pleased to speak with you or provide a free estimate. By doing so, our professionals will contact you with a security plan that meets your needs. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an understanding of all types of gates and how each gate operates in different types of facilities and properties with an estimate of cost. If you have any questions do no hesitate and reach out to us today!

FAQs For Types Of Security Gates

In the following list, you will find a few of the most common Google FAQs.

How much do automated gates cost?

If your business or property is located in Portland OR Average gate cost depends on the client’s budget, type of gates, security, and kind of automation, so it is preferred to get a free estimate from Pramount Security Solutions for a complete understanding.

What is the difference between manual gate and automatic gate?

In very simple terms, Manual get is opened by persons while automation can be opened with one touch through a mobile device app. Choosing Gate Automation will save you time for larger facilities and properties.

What is the most secure type of gate?

Every gate offers different types of security so it is better to consult your nearby gate automation company for a better understanding of your unique requirements. Paramount Security Solutions offers complete security in Portland, OR.

What are the three types of security entrances?

The Three main types of security entrances are sliding, swing, and bi-fold security gates, the most secure and widely demanded.